My iPhone Prediction vs. Results

Sun 2018-09-16 22:51:06 -0400

Well, I was wrong about the iPhone 9. That name didn’t appear but regarding the persistence of “iPhone X” with possible suffixes seemed to hold. So I was wrong on one side and right on the other.

What happens next might be interesting. Adding more letters like XS and XR along with possible silliness like XS Max seems like it could run into trouble or at least become increasingly unattractive if it continues. I liked John Gruber’s comment, what would Apple expect us to call “XX?” “Ten X?” “X Ten?” “Twenty!?”

But if they just call all of them “iPhone X” and leave it to us to struggle to distinguish them on our own, like the 2020 iPhone X or the new iPhone X, etc., is also not appealing. Naming things is never easy.