This is the continuation of a personal blog I started in 2002. Most
recently it has changed by being moved to WordPress.com as described
in part in The Blog Moves Again

Twelfth Anniversary

Originally published on Tue 2014-10-14

Twelve Years

“Occasional reports on what in the world I’m doing. You can read here
to find out what I’ve been working on and how it’s going. There might
be clues about what I’m thinking. New things learned will also

I’m really not going to make all of these posts about blogging, I
promise. However, I thought I should note this blog is now in it’s
12th year. I always miss the anniversary but it was this past
month. The first post was on Mon 2002-09-16 00:29 -0400.

In the beginning the posts were nearly all work-related reports on
what I was working on. Then I began to include other topics I found
interesting such as astronomy and computing.

The first posts were written on Blogger, then still owned by Pyra
Labs, co-founded by Ev Williams who later was a co-founder of
Twitter. Google eventually bought Blogger. I wrote the posts on
Blogger but used it’s ftp publishing feature to push the generated
pages back to my desktop workstation, Monolith.

Monolith had an Apache web server running on it, upgraded from the
original NCSA HTTP server software at some point. The computer had
originally been a NeXTstation then later it’s soul had been migrated
to a Sun SPARC 5 workstation. By this time, when the blog began in
2002, I think it might have been upgraded to a Sun Ultra 5 but I don’t
recall the models and timeline precisely.

From Blogger, I migrated to Bloxom, then back to Blogger, fully hosted
at Blogspot, then recently to Octopress. The pre-Octopress blog is
still on-line.

Ninth Anniversary

Originally published on Sat 2011-09-17

Nine Years Ago

Yesterday was this blog’s ninth anniversary. I started out using
Blogger, but Blogger was configured to FTP the files to my desktop
computer, a NeXT machine which also acted as a server on the
Internet. (We had no firewalls at all in those days. Every computer
was literally a peer on the Internet). . This was before Google
bought Blogger. Later on I moved the blog, called Monolith Daily, to
Blosxom (pronounced like blossom) software which ran off of my desktop
computer at workBloxom provided for blog entries as simple text files.

Later down the road, as I left behind hosting my own services on the
Internet, I moved Bloxom back to Blogger. This time it was fully
hosted on Blogger with none of my own machines involved.

The name Monolith Daily came from the fact that my desktop computer’s
name was Monolith, taken from the main character of the movie 2001 A
Space Odyssey. The Next computer was a flat, black slab, so it sort
of looked the part.

Here’s the very first post on the blog.

Mon 16 Sep 2002

This is the first entry. This is just a blog to check out and
experiment with the template and other such stuff.

I don’t plan to keep it–it should be deleted soon.


This is the first post of substance. Initially most of the blog
consisted of snippets about work activity at the time. The blog
itself was mainly aimed at folks at work.

Wed 18 Sep 2002

Today, I printed out the PeopleSoft copy of the config file for the
Emulex card driver. I am comparing it to the document that Chip left
of me that recommends settings in the config file. For example, it has
a column with my software listed. There are some differences between
the PS version and the recommendation in the document. I’ll come back
at some point and list them.

Once I have the lpfc.conf configured correctly, I’ll either try the
disks, drvconfig, etc., plan.

Tomorrow the plan is to be able to see the LUNs, install Veritas
Volume Manager and File System. Then build the filesystems. I also
need to remember to copy the binaries and support files over from the


The first non-work-related entry I could find is this one. Morph a
celebrity was a web site that let you distort images of celebrities,
apparently it’s not around any more, at least at that site.

Fri 27 Sep 2002

Okay, for hours of fun try this: Morph-a-celebrity.


This is the next non-work related post, slightly more substantial.

Fri 04 Oct 2002

Astronomy and Distance

I will be making some presentations to fifth graders at Magill
Elementary on Thursday 10 Oct so I’ll be out some that day but working
the rest of the time.

A Micro Essay: Thinking some about that presentation has me thinking
that humans like to boil all measurements (of anything, any physical
quantity) down to one of three things: distance, time or a quantity
(just a number). Distance seems to be our favorite. Almost everything
we measure we eventually do with some sort of “meter” which is just
some needle or indicator moving a distance.

In these latter digital days, our meters read out numbers (ultimately
integers, even if we pretend there’s a decimal point in there). I’ve
heard over the years that we really don’t comprehend numbers larger
than seven to 10. So, when numbers get really large (1000, million,
billion), guess what we are interested in then? Not the actual number,
but the magnitude of the number, i.e., how many digits it has. But the
number of digits is just the answer to the question, how long is the
number?, which is back to length again.

We sometimes count the digits (by using a logarithmic scale) but, for
most of our experience, those quantities fit nicely back into our zero
to 10 range.


It was Sat 2006-06-24 when I moved the blog from Blosxom and back to
Blogger and Blogspot. Here’s the last entry from the Blosxom version.

Sat 24 Jun 2006

Moved Blogging

I’ve moved my blogging to… http://monolith149daily.blogspot.com/

…at least for now. This is an experiment of sorts. I’m sort of caught
in transition on blogging at the moment and I haven’t quite decided
what to do. So, for now, I’ve gone back to Blogger and Blogspot.

I’m working on a more long-term solution (permanent would be the wrong
word) for the next edition of my public blogging.

My main motivation is to move my blog to another site. A secondary
motivation is that Blosxom is getting slower due to dynamically
generating the views. There are a lot of files now since each posting
is a file.

I can generate static pages but then the searching feature (which is
really useful, at least to me) doesn’t work for those pages.

My current idea is to generate a static copy of this version Monolith
Daily to this posting and put it up on a site that is linked such that
Google can crawl and index it. Maybe that’s the way to handle
blogs. After some point, freeze them and publish them as a final,
static archive of some type. A set of HTML pages perhaps.

I’ve also changed the look and feel. I really like the old look of
Monolith Daily but thought I’d try something new.

I have to say, though, I really, really like Blosxom and miss using


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